Data Service

The data service is the central unit of all incoming competition data, which ensures the smooth preparation and calculation of a sporting event. Experienced operators monitor correctness and obtain immediate results.

  Video Distance Measurement

The video distance measurement is one of the most important components of a Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined event. Our licensed system complies with the current FIS rules and is constantly updated. This ensures an independent and accurate measurement. All distances are saved in order to prove the correct data in case of any protests.

  Start Lights

We offer a start light system that complies with the FIS regulations, to ensure the smooth running of a ski jumping event.

  Speed Measuerement

The speed measurement is done by photo cells, which corresponds to the exact regulations of the FIS. A correct and stable performance is guaranteed.

  Wind Measurement

Due to various regulations, a different number of anemometers are mandatory. These range from three to ten in the FIS Cup, Continental Cup Ski Jumping, Continental Cup Nordic Combined and the World Cup/Olympic Games. The wind compensation is not required at all events. Our ultrasonic system has all needed adjustments.


The intermediate and final times are measured using the latest technology for the XC races in Nordic Combined. We use photocells, active transponders, photofinish cameras and manual timing. This ensures at least a quadruple backup.

  Information Screens

Depending on your event package, there will be installed at least 4 information screens for all events (up to unlimited). The most important information screens are for the jury, the stadium announcer, the coaches and the exit gate monitor for the athletes, who will receive all live information.

  Scoreboard & Video Wall

When there is installed a scoreboard or a video wall, we can easily navigate them sending live results. Please inform us about the interface protocol as soon as possible.

  Live Ticker

We currently support the live tickers of Berkutschi ( and FIS ( Additional services can be ordered regarding the FIS rules.

  Live Streaming & TV Graphics

We offer a professional live streaming service including camera teams in cooperation with our partners. The TV graphics can also be ordered separately if another boadcasting service has been booked. We support all common streaming and TV formats.

  Mobile Meteorological Station

The weather data are part of the official result lists, so we use a mobile weather station with the most important information for our events.

If you have any other inquires, please do not hesitate to ask our support team.